Hard working accessories created to enhance your truck, and built to perform with the fit, finish, and uncompromising quality that is LINE-X. Each one is proudly backed by an industry best lifetime warranty, and exclusively supported by our extensive North American Franchise network — because we know … It’s not just a truck, it’s your lifestyle.

LINE-X permanently bonds to most materials at the molecular level, creating a unique composite unlike any other. That makes LINE-X perfect for protecting virtually anything that you care to protect: recreational vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, RVs, motor homes, boat hulls, sound systems, work tables, and more.

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Sarasota Line -X Celebrates 17 Years In Business With Over 35 Combined Years of Experience. We Proudly Hold Three National Titles Working For you !

IMG_3303 SarasotaFord_V_004 Ford_Raptor_012 bildge with quality through hull fittings