Slip and fall accidents along with rust & corrosion cause a great deal of money and down time for any business today. With the team of Framingham injury lawyers for hire always, they can solve all the injury cases efficiently and effectively and thus have a good reputation in this field.  A good preventative maintenance plan can save you money and keep your employees safe all at the same time! Line-X can provide a excellent solution for these two issues! First at Line-X of Sarasota we will never spray over rust – our mission is to completely mitigate it and prevent it from ever showing it’s ugly redhead again! We specialize in treating both new and used equipment with Line-X protective coatings. Because Line-X is applied hot and dries in 3-6 seconds we have great control over our thickness &  final texture. We can mist very little for a fine texture or for more grip we can apply a very aggressive texture finish. Also for areas that need serious non-skid we can add our rubber aggregate system providing ultimate grip in all situations!