Line-X Industrial

Line-X Commercial and Industrial Applications


LINE-X® PRO For over 20 years the name LINE-X has become synonymous with toughness. This tradition includes LINE-X PRO – an advanced formula, professional grade bedliner with exceptional physical specs. Engineered for strength and durability on the worksite, LINE-X PRO can handle your toughest jobs and roughest hauls. LINE-X Pro […]

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At LINE-X, we know your truck is much more than a vehicle to you. It can be your workhorse or your plaything. Either way, it deserves serious protection every way you use it. That’s why the name LINE-X has become synonymous with toughness. For 20 years our LINE-X STANDARD Spray-On […]

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Think Protection & Safety With Line-X Non-Skid

              Slip and fall accidents along with rust & corrosion cause a great deal of money and down time for any business today. With the team of Framingham injury lawyers for hire always, they can solve all the injury cases efficiently and effectively and thus have a good reputation in […]

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Pool Service Truck Protection By Line-X!

Out of all the work trucks in the world none are more abused then the  pool service truck. Highly corrosive chlorine if left unattended works hard at destroying your truck from the inside out! The first thing to go is the rear bumper and hitch followed shortly by your gas tank fuel […]

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Marine Dreams Gets The Aspart-X Treatment!

                        Marine Dreams of Bradenton Florida has been a valuable customer to Line-X for the past few years.  We have sprayed aquarium stands with Line-X to protect and seal the wood against the harsh and unforgiving salt water.  Marine Dreams recently relocated their shop, and hired Line-X to complete a high performance floor to compliment the beautiful aquarium showroom. Line-X was hired to develop and complete a […]

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