We Are Line-X

     A question we are commonly asked from potential customers is “why choose Line-X over the many competing brands”? Our answer is always the same. Line-X is a top industry leader in the truck bedliner world, and certainly not all products are the same! There are over 400 franchises in the U.S alone, and we all offer the ultimate truck bed guarantee with a lifetime warranty valid nationwide! Line-X (XS 100) is composed of a two-part polyurea hybrid, and the product is applied at a very high temperature of 150-175 degrees. Line-X is applied using high pressure and high heat. The product has to be applied by a registered franchise that has forgone required training with the product and application.

LINE-X permanently bonds to most materials at the molecular level, creating a unique composite unlike any other. That makes LINE-X perfect for protecting virtually anything that you care to protect: recreational vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, RVs, motor homes, boat hulls, sound systems, work tables, and more.

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