Line-X Protective Coatings Product List


LINE-X Coatings Product List
 Our proprietary products are perfect for protecting just about anything that you care to protect. Each can be used alone or in conjunction with one another for superior protection.  Below is a list of our products ideal for industrial applications. 


XS-75 is a pure polyurea product with extreme elastomeric properties that is often used for secondary containment and other corrosion protection applications. The elasticity of XS-75 is perfect for substrates such as concrete that heaves and falls.



XS-100, a polyurethane/polyurea blend, is the most widely used formulation.  It exhibits excellent protective benefits along with economy.  It has a textured finish and excellent elongation.  This version is the most widely used because of the wide range of applications and is suitable for 90% of industrial applications.  It remains flexible from -40 degrees to 220 degrees F and can be stretched to greater than twice its original shape (115%) before breaking.

 certified for potable water containment.


Designed to provide non-skid properties and protection against impact and abrasion in service environments such as secondary containment and industrial flooring, XS-130 is ideal where elongation and flexibility are of utmost importance.



XS-310 is a pure polyurea coating with terrific physical properties perfect for applications where extreme impact and abrasion are of concern. XS-310 is very resistant to moisture and has a long cure time, making it perfect for flooring and other surfaces that need a smooth finish, where durability is key, but chemical resistance is not top priority.



Like its sister product XS-310, XS-350 is a pure polyurea coating with high performance physical properties perfect  for applications beset with chemical damage or extreme impact and abrasion. XS-350 is very insensitive to moisture and can be seen widely used in the wastewater industry.  It has a faster cure time than XS-310.



A hybrid polyurea/polyurethane with a slow cure time for a smoother surface.



A fast curing 100% polyurea with greater tear strength and more elongation than XS-350.



XS-430 is similar to XS-350 but is much more elastic, it has a 430% elongation factor!



Any company looking for protection against abrasion and impact, but also needing flame retardant properties should look to XS-152. It has been tested for flame spread and smoke density per ASTM E-84. This product is ideal for the military and mining industries.  XS-152 has a delayed ignition.  It will burn with extensive flame exposure, but will self extinguish when the flames are removed.



XS-252 is accepted  by the Mine, Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) for use in the mining industry for protection against abrasion, corrosion and impact, as well as a non-strength enhancing mine sealant. This revolutionary product, the only one in its category, has exceptional flame retardant properties that are ideal during the event of a fire and can be applied to any type of underground equipment, regardless of shape or size.  XS-252 will not ignite.


XS-650 Brand New and the only Line-X dealer in the naton with XS-650 in stock!

LINE-X XS-650 is an 100% aliphatic polyurea.  This product will hold it’s color and gloss and provides extreme protection like LINE-X XS-350.



This product is a trowelable elastomer with a 15 minute gel time for an extended working time.


CS 400-750

Applying to hard to reach areas and repairs is easier than ever before with CS 400-750. Producing a high-quality, durable, almost fluid formulation, CS 400-750 works perfectly for cracks, gouges and liner damages.  Some suggested applications include troweling the base of custom showers, sealing residential and commercial windows to prevent leakage, repairing cracks in cement floors and walls, etc. This product is also packaged as a hand-held cartridge gun.


CS 410-750

Perfect for patching, flooring, sealing, troweling and more, CS 410-750 is packaged as a hand-held cartridge gun and comes complete with piston-rods and spray tip atomizer air regulators, which allow the user to adjust the gun output as well as the size of the spray fan. It is ideal for fixing liner gouges and other small repairs, as well as tricky applications where a traditional gun may have difficulty accessing.



CU-400 is a castable (pour) formulation designed for protection in severe service environments where abrasion and impact are a top priority. This scientifically-engineered, self leveling formulation creates an extremely dense, high tensile and tear strength lining that is durable and tough enough to withstand high-volume, abrasive material flow, as well as considerable impact. CU-400 can be used in molds for any shape or size, and can be seen in a variety of industrial and commercial industries, including concrete, construction, manufacturing, mining and more.



CU-460 is similar to CU-400 but is 100% polyurea which makes it insensitive to water and even stronger.



Our most popular OEM specified product, SE-210 provides high performance protection against abrasion, corrosion and impact. SE-210 is ideal in a variety of industries, including material handling, transportation and more!



SE-500 is scientifically-engineered to provide coating solutions for severe chemical environments.

With its highly crossed-link formulation, SE-500 is impervious to a wide variety of commercial and industrial chemicals, including caustic and nitric acids, automotive gasoline, aviation and diesel fuel, kerosene and crude oil.  Varied industry applications include, but are not limited to chemical processing plants, oil /gas containment, plating, precious metal mining, primary/secondary containment and wastewater.



One of the greatest threats from a ballistic attack comes from spalling or explosion of metal fragments. PAXCON-2100 can be sprayed over any surface hard enough to cause a projectile to spall, such as aluminum, ceramic or steel. PAXCON-2100 will encapsulate bullets and other ballistic objects, remaining in-tact, without posing further secondary damage resulting from spalling and fragmentation. Suggested applications include military vehicles, breast plates, equipment, target systems and more!



Did you know in a typical bomb blast, the majority of casualties come from building fragmentation? With PAXCON-3350, pieces of walls, equipment and other building debris flying at high speeds will no longer result in extensive injury or death. In fact, recent tests results show that a wall coated with the PAXCON-3350 remained intact up to a detonation equivalent of 1,000 pounds of TNT. Some recent applications include the United States Pentagon, government buildings, military bases and vehicles, and international government facilities worldwide.



Aspart-X is a VOC free aliphatic polyaspartic.  Aspart-X is great for garage floors, decks, counter tops, etc.  A variety of colors and add-ins (such as color chips or quartz) is available. Black Aspart-X works great as a UV resistant and chemical resistant coating on our truck bedliners!



Aliphatic coating to be used in conjunction with other LINE-X coatings.  LINE-X Xtra features include improved appearance, improved resistance to ultraviolet light, more chemical resistant, and more stain resistant. In addition, LINE-X Xtra is specially formulated with a DuPont™ KEVLAR® micro pulp fiber for extreme durability.



ReNew is a patented process that will renew the finish of an old worn out spray-on bedliner of ANY brand.  The ReNew process includes the use of LINE-X Xtra.  The ReNewed bedliner will look brand new and since it will be fade resistant, the bedliner will remain beautiful for years to come.



LINE-X offers a variety of insulating foams including .5, 1.8, 2.0, and 2.7 pound foams.  Heavier foams are also available. 

LINE-X permanently bonds to most materials at the molecular level, creating a unique composite unlike any other. That makes LINE-X perfect for protecting virtually anything that you care to protect: recreational vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, RVs, motor homes, boat hulls, sound systems, work tables, and more.

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