13 Whaler
Line-X Xtra Factory Gelcoat Match

Line-X’s elastomer properties and non-slid texture are the perfect weapon to revitalize your boat! Most boats develop stress and spider cracks over time in the gel-coat. These unsightly blemish’s are hard to get rid and will travel through most fiberglass repairs time and time again. A quality solution has been hard to come by until now- Line-X Xtra!
Line-X Xtra is a Kevlar reinforced topcoat the when sprayed on hot Line-X cures with the liner forming a composite coating!  Line-X Xtra does not fade nor will it turn colors like standard spray liner systems. Line-X Xtra will seal the surface keeping dirt out as the liner expands and contracts in the days sun. It also gives us two ways to control final texture.
One of the most valuable features of Line-X Xtra is the ability to use a camera and match to any color. On this marine project we wanted to match the original factory Boston Whaler blue gel-coat! Line-X is applied hot and sets in 3-6 seconds giving us precise control over thickness and texture. We like a good non-skid that is nice on bare feet but still very easy to clean. In fact our 17 Whaler has been sprayed for over three years and lives on the water. Bait slime, lady fish blood  simply hosed it off! In fact I have never even had to use a brush to keep it looking great!