float'n at home

The building of this Yellowfin bay boat was the result of the passion we have for the outdoors. For five years we ran a 17 montauk around tampabay waiting and saving for a new boat. Our family grew to four and the little whaler was not getting it done for the entire family. We had Line-X’d the Whaler over four years ago with great success and since sprayed many many marine applications. For this boat I wanted to show how Line-X can be built into the production of our new boat! Yellowfin Yachts is conveniently located down the street from our Line-X shop and builds IMO the baddest tampabay boat!  Yellowfin gave me full access to watch the construction and incorporate Line-X into the build! I was never told to not take pictures and can not say enough on how they run the operation from how clean the shop is to how everyone knows their place in making these one of a kind fishing machines!

Yellowfin utilizes a full vacuum infusion process on all the inshore boats!



The infusion process was complete in around 18 minutes. I believe this technology derived from NASA needing the most consistent lightweight layup possible! The advantages and results are easy to see!

img_0968img_0969img_0973  Here is the stringer system used on the 24. img_0963img_0978 



Our boat waiting it’s turn to go to assembly! img_1007img_1008img_1062

This is where the Line-X starts. Here are a few pictures of the fuel tank going into the Yellowfin. Using Line-X to protect one of the most vital components of a boat from the corrosive effects of saltwater is a no brainer!

img_1063img_1064 Besides spraying the fuel tank we are going to match the Whisper Grey gelcoat  for the front storage area! This is done using a special camera to take a picture of the hull color and match it to a paint code to be used in our shop Dupont system! This allows us to color code the Line-X to the Whisper Grey Hull. We also have the Yellowfin Ice Blue and Matterhorn White ready at our shop!


There is not one straight line on Yellowfin boats! Like a fine women they get lot’s of attention where ever they go! These boats are built to fish and do it well! This is the lid for the battery compartment which resides below the font storage out of the way! It is a good example of both the Line-X non-skid and the custom stencil work we can incorporate into your boat,truck, & jeep! yf-build-014yf-build-015img_1216

It was well over a week that my boat sat waiting to go to assembly. I was going crazy just hoping that I would live long enough to see the boat become reality! www.yellowfinonly.com is a place that people hangout while their dreams are being built. I think it resides as a  therapeutic remedy for the lucky few waiting their turn at the Yellowfin factory. Assembly pictures…img_1065img_1066img_1067img_1068img_1069img_1070img_1071img_1072img_1073img_1074img_1076img_1077img_1079img_1101img_1105

Buffed and ready to go to the rig shop. Yellowfin will factory install all the toys you want! It is very hard to get Kevin to say no!!img_1143img_1140img_1159img_1160img_1161img_1162img_1163img_1212img_1213img_1214img_1215img_1219img_1220img_1221img_1222img_1223img_1224img_1235img_1236img_1238img_1239img_1240

The boat has performed way beyond my expectations and we can not thank Kevin,Wiley,Heath and the entire Yellowfin crew enough!