Aspart-X Floor Marine Dreams

                Marine Dreams of Bradenton Florida has been a valuable customer to Line-X for the past few years.  We have sprayed aquarium stands with Line-X to protect and seal the wood against the harsh and unforgiving salt water.  Marine Dreams recently relocated their shop, and hired Line-X to complete a high performance floor to compliment the beautiful aquarium showroom. Line-X was hired to develop and complete a seamless multi-build quartz flooring system using the new Aspart-X flooring technology by Line-X

        Having first decided to go with a “cheaper” epoxy floor system Marine Dreams unfortunately found out the hard way cheaper is not always better. The list of what went wrong with the initial floor our competitors used is long including wrong color, swirl marks in the floor, mismatching compared the chosen floor sample and so on. The contractor not only lost thousands of dollars but he was also left responsible to remove the floor himself since the hired company would not return calls and went missing in action! (We were somewhat surprised how easily the epoxy floor system was removed; large sheets came up very easily!) Under a tight timeline for completion Line-X was called to apply the Aspart-X Quartz Floor System in a hurry at Marine Dreams.   

           Quartz was an ideal solution for the Marine Dreams floor. You can imagine the potential for slip and fall accidents in a saltwater aquarium store. Quartz provides a durable colorfast floor that provides a high level of non-skid and is available in multiples of color combinations. I invited the owners of Marine Dreams to the Line-X shop to see first hand the durability of Aspart-X in use at our facility! Aspart-X is available in solid color, chip, & quartz floor systems. We also have the ability to sit down with the customer and blend the colors to their choosing right on the spot!