Line-X Floors

Line-X protective coatings introduces Aspart-X a high performance polyaspartic alphatic polyurea floor product. Finish’s include solid color, quartz, Line-X, and paint chip blends.

Jeffries Service Center Custom Chip Aspart-X Floor!

                        Line-X has been protecting the lawn service fleet for Jeffries lawn service for over 5 years. Having seen first hand how Line-X stands up to the day to day abuse his crews put on Line-X Jeffries decided Aspart-X is the product for their new showroom. Like Line-X a good […]

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Marine Dreams Gets The Aspart-X Treatment!

                        Marine Dreams of Bradenton Florida has been a valuable customer to Line-X for the past few years.  We have sprayed aquarium stands with Line-X to protect and seal the wood against the harsh and unforgiving salt water.  Marine Dreams recently relocated their shop, and hired Line-X to complete a high performance floor to compliment the beautiful aquarium showroom. Line-X was hired to develop and complete a […]

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Line-X Aspart-X Video & Flyer

Line-X Protective Coatings the nation’s leading developer and provider of high performance protective coatings, is proud to introduce ASPART-X™ U/V Protective Coatings.  ASPART-X Coatings provide ultraviolet (UV) protection that does not yellow or fade; will cure in all weather and temperature applications; has a fast cure speed and offers excellent […]

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